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Featured Technology: G.Hn 2.0

Address “last mile” challenges Service Providers encounter when trying to connect MDU’s (i.e. apartments, town homes, retirement communities, resorts, campus housing and other high-density housing) to high speed broadband networks.  Our G.Hn technology utilize brown field coax cable and phone line to quickly connect subscribers to high-speed 10GE or XGS-PON backbones without the additional expense of pulling fiber to each home.  Since FTTH deployment is not feasible in most MDU applications we enable Service Providers to offer alternative Gigabit broadband services to subscribers.

Opticonn G.Hn 2.0 technology takes full advantage of bandwidth and capabilities in existing coax and phone cables allowing delivery of symmetrical Gigabit Broadband to subscribers that may have previously been missed or underserved.  Therefore, Service Providers not only save significant CAPEX by using existing infrastructure, but also have immediate ROI by adding more subscribers.

G.Hn technology bridges the gap between fiber and copper to deliver Gigabit broadband to more subscribers using existing coax or phone cabling!

Opticonn GAM connected to existing in-building coax or phone cable.  10G Fiber entering MDU is then connected to Opticonn GAM.

Opticonn 2.0 technology uses legacy coax or phone cable to deliver high speed internet to subscribers.

Opticonn CPE connects to coax or phone line in each apartment and converts to high speed CATx or WiFi for distribution within the home.

Opticonn 2.0 delivers reliable, high performance gigabit broadband internet throughout the home to all connected devices.

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“We tested the product extensively in real life installation and was pleasantly surprised how well the products performed!  Will definitely use this product going forward for our MDU applications”


“The product performed way beyond our expectations!”

“We needed a solution to provide upgraded services to subscribers in MDU’s which we had previously been unable to find.  With Opticonn G.Hn it allowed us to utlize existing coax cables in the apartments and deliver reliable high speed internet to our customers.”