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G.Hn advantage

Municipalities/Co-Ops can offer their citizens more by taking advantage of already existing copper infrastructure (coax or twisted pair/phone line) in MDU’s by delivering high speed internet along with 4K IPTV without significant capital investment, construction and operational expenses associated with FTTH deployment.  Opticonn G.Hn technology bridges the gap offering a cost effective alternative to FTTH.  MDF-6000 (coax GAM) or MDF-2400 (twisted pair GAM) converts 10GE fiber or XGS-PON to copper coax or twisted pair phone lines allowing service provides to deliver high speed internet to numerous subscribers within MDU’s.  MDF-6000 provides 6 coax ports serving up to 96 subscribers using a single GAM.  If twisted pair phone lines are used, then MDF-2400 GAM provides 24 port connectivity over twisted pair cable with support for SISO (Single In Single Out/1 pair per port) and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output/2 pairs per port).  Whether using coax or twisted pair phone line to serve subscribers with Gigabit broadband they both offer robust and reliable network connectivity using G.Hn technology.  Several options are available for CPE’s:  single port 1000 BaseT Ethernet, 4 port 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet or WiFi.  Depending on Service Providers preference each option is able to deliver high speed internet to all connected devices in the home.

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MDF-6000 (6 port coax GAM)

MDF-2400 (24 port phone line GAM)

MDF-4000 (4 port outdoor GAM)

CPE-2000/1100 (1 port coax or phone line CPE)

CPE-4000/4100 (4 port 10/100/1000 BaseT coax or phone line CPE)

Give your residents more

G.Hn efficiently delivers high speed broadband over legacy coax or phone line/twisted pair cable.  Our G.Hn technology has the unique ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth between downstream and upstream directions to effectively control real-time traffic conditions for optimal data flow with near-symmetrical performance using legacy cabling.  G.Hn technology allows Municipalities/Co-Ops to cost effectively offer Gigabit broadband services to subscribers in MDU’s, Town Homes, campus housing etc. which may have previously been passed by due to lack of cost effective technologies to deliver Gigabit services to these residents!